Rocket Passport: Providing a Cutting Edge in Terminal Emulation

If you are looking for a powerful, sleek, and modern terminal emulation program for your business, Rocket Passport is one that is worth investigating. Passport is available as a Windows 8 exclusive, and also as a web-based client, so it is available to interface in almost any workplace setting. It also offers great services for users and is sophisticated, yet easy to use. Check out some of the key features for yourself.

Essential Features

Passport terminal emulation excels at its versatility with interfacing between the computer and various server types. Support includes 3270, TN3270E, IBM I (TN5250, UNIX/DEC (VT), and secure FTP. It also includes SSH and SSL security protocols, support for macros, cut and paste, and more to make sure that users are working in an efficient emulation environment.

Windows 8

In addition to those listed above, the Windows 8 version of Passport allows for interfacing with SCO ANSI and Wyse as well. Windows users are also able to integrate Microsoft Office spell check and auto-complete features, and likewise create customized host screen sizes. End-user profiles can be stored on a common Windows or HTTP server for centralized access, making local customization unnecessary.

Web to Host

If your company works in a wide and distributed environment, the Web to Host option of Passport is an ideal choice. Using a host of security measures and protocols, Passport allows for web access of its terminal emulation to enable remote and mobile access. Updates to the terminal emulation program occur through the server, and the program on the user side only updates if the server’s copy changes. This allows for more versatility for a growing business. The terminal emulation can also be deployed from an IBM mainframe or a Microsoft Windows Server running IIS. Communication occurs directly between the 3270 emulator client and the host.


Changing over from another terminal emulation suite or platform is simple when switching to Passport. Rocket Software has years of experience helping companies with their software integration; therefore, the conversion process is as painless as possible. Rocket strives to keep downtimes to a minimum and helps train end-users on the new terminal emulator. When you switch, Rocket provides conversion utilities and services free of charge, thus ensuring a smooth transition.

Rocket also allows the option of an Enterprise Licensing Plan which allows the distribution of Passport anywhere. Using this licensing plan reduces the overall cost of licensing, thus helping companies save money while increasing business potential.


Rocket has made sure that customer support and satisfaction are a number one priority. If users or administrators have questions about anything when it comes to the Passport terminal emulation, whether it is regarding macro conversion, customization, accessibility, or anything else, Rocket is there to lend a hand. Rocket has made great strides in the market of terminal emulation and has had incredible success over the last year because of their quality products and availability to their clients.

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