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Why You Should Unlock Your Phone A locked phone may only be confined to a specific carrier network and/or it may be restricted to a specific country. It may be a SIM lock, network lock or subsidy lock. For instance most carriers will sale you the phones at discounted prices provided that you will be in a contract to use their services only. What many people don’t know it is actually legal to unlock your phone and experience its unlimited capabilities. And no it’s not illegal, it is legal for consumers to unlock their cell phones in order to take them to the carrier they deem fit. The following are of the benefits of unlocking your phone.
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A carrier locked phone is usually restricted to be used by that single network provider. While there may be some good that come with it, you also need to have in mind that should there be a bad thing about it there is absolutely nothing you can do. When the phone is unlocked it will be able to access the many different networks that are available. This will offer you flexibility and freedom to switch between different networks as you find suitable. Suitable for travellers When you travel overseas, using your phone would attract expensive roaming charges. This will not be the case with an unlocked phone since it can accept the local networks of the countries you visit. Instead you will now be in a position to buy a local SIM card and make your calls at local rates which are usually much less expensive. Coverage regardless of where you are With the GSM networks unlocked cell phones run on you will be able to enjoy total coverage regardless of which part of the globe you are in. This is because you can buy a local SIM and not worrying about being in area that is outside your carrier’s coverage zone. Losing your phone will be less hard to accept By all means losing a phone can be traumatizing and a bitter pill to swallow. You may have to pay the dreaded expensive termination fees, especially when the phone gets lost early in the contract. This is something you don’t have to worry about if your phone is unlocked, the money you would have otherwise paid as termination fees can be used to buy another one. It will fetch a higher price when you resale Phones that are unlocked will usually resale at a better price than one that is locked. This means you get less value for the money you had spent on initially buying it. Since an unlocked phone accepts different networks or SIM cards and can be used all over the world, it becomes easier to sale it and can fetch a higher price. Don’t be restricted with your phone use. Make sure the one you choose is a competent and reliable one.